Carpet & Upholstery

We can handle any type of carpet cleaning weather commercial or residential. Our Vortex Truckmount is the most powerful carpet cleaning truck in the world! We carefully clean leather and fabric furniture. We use the same all natural soap free solution as we do on your carpeting. We clean office panels also. Call for a quote on your upholstery cleaning needs.

Marble, Stone , Tile & Grout

Do you have new tile floors? Has the grout been sealed? It is a rare occasion that an installer will schedule to come back to your home and seal the grout lines of your new floor. This is a very important step to preserving the grout and mailing cleaning easier. Mr. Peabody’s is qualified to seal your new Tile floors.

Water Damage Restoration

Water on your floor covering can be a very serious problem. Act quickly to get the water stopped and then get the water off your floors. One thing to note is that water travels a lot further than it appears on the surface. Remove any wood furniture from the area or prop i up so it is not in direct contact with moisture. We can assist with carpet pad removal, disinfection, and speeding up the drying time with dehumidifiers and air movers.

We are the Experts!

Our company uses a cleaning product called Procyon which is a soap free EPA certified Green Cleaner, has no Beach, is Biodegradable, and is Non-toxic. It does not require rinsing and leaves no soupy residue; however we do go the extra step to rinse it completely out leaving your carpet its absolute cleanest. We also use state of the art high powered cleaning systems which pull more moisture out and leave carpets dryer. On heavily soiled traffic areas we use a rotary jet extractor which performs a deep down cleaning. For light soiling we use a Carpet Wand to rinse and extract soil & moisture from carpet. Our company also has a guarantee which is “Whatever spots we get out, will stay out,” so if you notice spots coming back a week or two after your cleaning, simply give us a call and we will come back out at no charge to take care of it for you. If spots are going to come back, they will come back within the first two weeks of cleaning.

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Do you remember when your carpets were new, how fresh and clean everything felt? That is what Mr. Peabody’s, the Carpet Care Expert, provides. Serving San Jose and surrounding areas.  Our services include: Carpet Cleaning and Repair, Scotchgard, Upholstry, Water Damage, Odor Control, Tile & Grout, and Wood Floors.